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Latex and Polyurethane

TRCC Canada has been a leader in latex products since its inception. Our R&D team develops and improves formulations to match specific needs, such as freeze/thaw-resistant latex foams, green/eco-friendly compounds, fire-retardant chemicals and additives, or mine safety coat compounds.

Our polymer experts work closely with our clients to make sure the products they order are well suited for their manufacturing processes. Our formulations are based on a wide variety of raw material types, such as high- and low-ammonia natural latex, water-based emulsion polymers, carboxylated and high-solid SBR, acrylics, polychloroprene, EVA and PVA.

TRCC Canada operates two specialized facilities in latex compounding and has strong capabilities with polyurethane systems contract manufacturing.

Latex Compounding

Our carpet backing products are well suited for residential and commercial markets, as well as the automotive industry and artificial turf. We also produce carpet backing from 100% green technology.

Other latex products include gel and non-gel latex foam compounds, compounds for bath mats and baby mats, and latex compounds for automotive weather-stripping.
TRCC Canada is a preferred supplier for polychloroprene coatings, used by textile, upholstery and drapery manufacturers.

We produce also casting compounds (masks, toys) as well as mold-making compounds used for architectural restoration, manufactured stone veneer and ornamental concrete.

Another line of latex products consists of pre-vulcanized latex compounds for the dipping industry, namely surgical and examination gloves, balloons and condoms.

Polyurethane Systems

TRCC Canada is a preferred contract manufacturer, transloader and repackager of polyurethane systems and related chemicals for manufacturers of systems and suppliers of chemicals.

Learn more about polyol blending system for polyols used in various polyurethane foam applications

For detailed information on our latex and polyurethane products and services, please contact :
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Edwardo DiCredico
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