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Polyol blending system for polyols used in various polyurethane foam applications

Our manufacturing site located in Brampton, On, Canada (roughly 30 minutes North-West of down-town Toronto) offers Polyol Blending Services used in various polyurethane foam applications that can be customized to suit specific needs. The system is comprised of multiple blending tanks of various capacities ranging from 1000 kg (or 2,205 lbs) in size-up to 20,000 kg (44092 lbs) based on a density of 1.000 kg/L.

The flexibility of our system makes it specifically attractive for pilot batching as well as for proceeding with technological transfers in a progressive manner, ensuring a smooth transition from your plant to ours. Our plant is also equipped with a multitude of assets supporting the manufacturing, storage, and distribution of polyol blends such as:

• On-site dry nitrogen generator
• Nitrogen blanketed di-isocyanate storage tanks
• Trans-loaders and rail sidings, allowing receiving raw materials in tankers and rail cars
• Steam Heating for timely handling of viscous material such as cold polyols during the cold winter season

The advantages that we can bring to you are numerous. We can assist you with:

• Reducing your freight cost;
• Delivering your products to your clients in just in time mode
• Increasing your service level without the need for high inventory levels
• Produce batch sizes that are better suited to the needs of your clients
• Freeing up production capacity in your plant by taking on our shoulders some longer to make products that affect your operational efficiencies
• Increasing your market share by taking under our roof business that you have to refuse because you have reached you capacity limit

All of the above brings you benefits under the form of reduced operational costs, higher customer satisfaction and higher revenues which in turn contributes to increase your bottom line.

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Edwardo DiCredico
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