TRCC Group

Our specialists team up on a daily basis with their counterparts from sister companies within the TRCC group to tap specialized expertise on demand, access additional compound libraries filled with thousands of proprietary formulations and offer our clients products and services that perfectly complement our own.

Our strategic locations in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec allow us to serve the entire Canadian market as well as assist other TRCC clients in the United States, when needed. Since client service is a pivotal concept shared by all of us, each TRCC affiliate will go the extra distance to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

We are proud to present some of our sister companies’ expertise:

Tiarco Chemical Division

Manufacturer of specialty performance dispersions and emulsions to assist in the formulations of natural and synthetic latexes, polyurethanes, fabric coatings, grease, lubricants and many other polymers.
Standard chemicals, specialty compounds or custom formulations.

Polymer Technology Group

Quality latex and latex compound provider to the carpet and rug markets.
Manufacturer of natural, synthetic and custom compounds.

Perpetual Machine Company

Design and production of advanced machinery and equipment for the carpet, synthetic turf and fabric industries, including roll-up, cut order and sample systems.

Charlotte Division

Manufacturer of water-based latex compounds using natural and synthetic rubber emulsions, dedicated to textile applications.
Expertise in fire-retardant coatings for various textiles and carpets.

Polyurethane Group

Manufacturer of polyurethane backing systems and chemistries for commercial and residential carpets, synthetic turf, fabrics and polyurethane cushion products (shoe insole and sports industries).

Ultrapave Corporation

Development and manufacturing of high-performance asphalt additives adding 45% – 50% additional life to pavements of highways, streets, airports and parking lots.

ThermoTex Division

Production and application recyclable thermoplastic backing systems for carpets, modular carpet tiles, rugs, automotive carpets, mats and other fabrics.

Coatings and Adhesives Division

Manufacturer and marketer of custom-made natural and synthetic latex compounds, adhesives, release coatings, aqueous emulsions and graft polymers.

XL Brands

XL Brands provides adhesives to the floor covering markets on a global scale.
Markets served: carpet, wood and vinyl markets.
Focus on innovation, technology and environmental sustainability.

Contact Us

Quebec Plant

900 Gaudette Street
St. Jean, Quebec J3B 1L7

Edwardo DiCredico
T 450 347-7555
C 514 808-3411

Carpet and Rug mills and other textile markets, Paving Compounds – Ultrapave, Toll blending – Water based systems, Transloading, repacking, steaming, toll blending - Non Polyurethanes, Barrier Coatings for flexible packaging.

Ontario Plant

68 Eastern Avenue
Brampton, Ontario L6W 1X8

Michael Warren, H.B.Sc.
T 905 450-6889
C 647 773-3466

Carpet and Rug mills and other textile markets, Toll blending – Water based systems, Hot melts – toll blending, Transloading, repacking, steaming, toll blending - Non Polyurethanes

68 Eastern Avenue
Brampton, Ontario L6W 1X8

Peter Lustig
T 905 450-6889
C 416 524 7683

Transloading, repacking, steaming, toll blending, components sales - Polyurethanes